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Is cleaning your roof safe?


At The Gutter & Cladding Company, a leading roof cleaning company based in Dorset, we often get asked the question, “is cleaning my roof safe?” To be completely honest, if you clean the roof yourself the answer is no, it can be very unsafe and you risk damaging your roof if you clean it the wrong way.  However, roof cleaning by a professional company is not only safe, it also benefits your roof in many ways. 

Why do you need to clean your roof?

Your roof is the cap of your home. It protects the internal and external walls from the weather, taking the brunt of rain, snow and hail and then bakes in the sun. Your roof also keeps heat in and the cold and damp out. Looking after it properly and keeping your roof health at 100 is therefore extremely important to protecting your home. 

Maintaining your roofline with Fascias, Soffits and Gutters is your first defence as they work to guide and move the water away from the roof and away from your home. You can clean, repair or replace your Fascias, Soffits and Gutters to ensure they are working effectively. Over time, moss, lichen and algae can build up on the tiles causing poor water flow. This can send the water in the wrong direction or hold on to the water. More aggressive mosses can actually shift tiles and penetrate weakened membranes which can cause the water to ingress into your roof space. 

Getting this pesky perennial off your roof becomes an important part of building maintenance. While there is some argument that the moss adds character to your home, in the trade we recognise roof health is much more important than character. 

How do you clean a roof?

There are two methods to cleaning a roof. Method 1 uses a custom plastic scraper that is shaped to the tile and gets under the moss and lifts it free. The scraper is made of a soft plastic, not too dissimilar to what a child’s toy might be made of, and happily runs against the surface of the tile without damaging it. A coating is then sprayed over the roof which seals the tiles and protects from the moss and lichen reforming for 3 years.  

Method 2 is for roofs which have softer clay tiles. As the scraper tool can shift these tiles, we use a special chemical which kills the moss and lichen instead. The chemical is sprayed over the tiles and left for 15 minutes, the moss and lichen will turn brown once it has been killed, and a low-pressure jet wash is then used to clear the debris away. It is important to spray downwards only as spraying the jet in the wrong direction can cause damage, making this a less preferred method. Again, the protective coating then sprayed over the roof to prevent the moss and lichen reforming for 3 years. 

How long does roof cleaning take?

Most roofs can be cleaned and protected in just 3 days or less, meaning you get quick results with minimum disruption, and once the work is complete, your roof will look cleaner, brighter and healthier. Another benefit of having your roof cleaned professionally is that a trained member of our team will check your roof and gutters for potential problems as part of our roof cleaning process. If we spot anything, we’ll work with you to find a solution.  

At The Gutter & Cladding Company, our specialists are trained in effective roof cleaning, cladding, guttering and other exterior jobs. Contact us on 0808 169 1600 today to find out how we can help you maintain your roof.