Cladding FAQ

Your Questions Answered About Cladding.

Which cladding is best?

This is down to preference. We are Cedral select installers and have a bias to Cedral products. We do fit and supply James Hardie Plank and Coastline. We personally prefer Cedral for its usability, quality and colour range.

Is cladding flammable?

Fibre cement-based cladding is not flammable. Plastic and timber versions are. However, just remember that just because fibre cement may not be flammable, other items of your home may be. Do not let this impact your decision making too much.

Can cladding be painted?

Fibre cement, plastic and timber cladding can all be painted. Cladding is available in a wide range of colours including RAL options from factory. Click here to see our cladding colour gallery

Can cladding go over brick?

Yes it can. Using a batten system, the cladding boards are secured using screws.

How is cladding installed?

The wall is prepared ready for a batten system. The aluminium profiles are fitted in place. Depending on the type of insulation it will be either installed as the cladding goes up or to the wall prior to the cladding being laid. The Cladding boards are fixed and sealed in place. Will cladding stop damp? It will not stop it but certainly prevent it. Cladding and insulation help create a barrier from the cold reducing water and damp.

Where can you apply cladding?

Cladding is a versatile product and can be installed all over your home, garage and shed! This is thanks to its variety of fits and finishes. Do we stock cladding? We buy our cladding on a job by job basis. We do offer supply and supply and fit options. Call a member of the office to discuss on 01202 470044

What is cladding made of?

There are three kinds of cladding: fibre cement, plastic and timber. Timber is traditional and is made from wood. Plastic cladding is made form uPVC and is formed into the common wood finish during the extrusion process. Fibre cement is made from a mix of cellulose fibre, cement, sand and water.

What is the difference between a façade and cladding?

Facades cover something. For example, you can cover your home in brick cladding to façade the brick and pointing and then use cladding on top of the brick. You can also use cladding to façade your home.

How do you clean cladding?

Cladding washes down with rainwater and generally self-cleans. If you would like to do it yourself then a soft cloth and warm water with a little bit of soap will be fine to wipe the cladding down without discolouring or damaging the surface.  

How do you finish cladding corners?

We use a powder coated aluminium profile which covers over the end of the boards.

How much does it cost to clad a house in the UK?

Our prices start from just £900 to clad the top part of your home. Prices depend on cladding chosen, access required and how much of your property that you desire to clad.

Can you paint over plastic cladding?

Yes you can! Prior to painting you will need to clean and preps the surface and use a plastic appropriate primer.


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