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Specialist Concrete Gutter Removal

As specialists in the removal of concrete (Finlock) guttering, replacing it with the modern uPVC guttering, we offer you the highest quality workmanship, at the lowest prices. You can choose from a range of styles, colours and specifications as seen on our colours page, our work is guaranteed and is undertaken by a team of our very own qualified fitters, with over 10 years’ experience.

We have undertaken this work on hundreds of terraced, semi-detached, detached houses and bungalows across the south of England over the years with complete success. We have also undertaken this specific work for Authorities/Local Councils such as Hampshire Borough Council, and even The Church of England. We do all of our guttering removal and replacement to Building Regulations, so don’t cut corners.

Affordable fascia, soffits & rainwater goods



£4500 inc scaffolding*



£3500 inc scaffolding*



£2500 inc scaffolding*

The Gutter & Cladding Company - The Problem with Concrete Gutters

The Problem with Concrete Gutters

Finlock concrete gutters were fitted in the 50s and 60s but the change in heating in houses means the concrete gutters couldn’t cope with the new heating systems. The interior of the concrete gutters temperature was 20 degrees plus while the snow/rain in the actual gutter was often 0 degrees. The difference caused the gutters to move and break the joint seals. The concrete gutters then become porous and the water seeping through them gradually damages the concrete more and more until they are soft and start breaking up.

Concrete Gutter Removal Service

  • The gutters that replace finlock concrete gutters which have a high water capacity, will be an extra-large 125mm and is three times as big as square plastic gutter.
  • All the joints are done with polymers which are used to seal sea walls and have a factory guarantee not to leak for 25 years when used properly. Silicones won’t seal onto concrete or in wet areas for an extended time.
  • We continuously train our staff and keep up to date with health and safety regulations.
  • All venting and repairs to the roof meet with the latest regulations.

Reliable, affordable Concrete Gutter Removal from a local company you can trust. Call us now on 01202 470044 for a free quote.

The Gutter & Cladding Company - Concrete Gutter Removal Service

Gutter Colours

Gutter Colour - Black Downpipe

Black Downpipe

Gutter Colour - Black FloPlast

Black FloPlast

Gutter Colour - Cast Iron Effect Down Pipe

Cast Iron Effect Down Pipe

Gutter Colour - Cast Iron Effect FloPlast

Cast Iron Effect FloPlast

Gutter Colour - Grey Down Pipe

Grey Down Pipe

Gutter Colour - Grey FloPlast

Grey FloPlast

Gutter Colour - Brown FlowPlast

Brown FlowPlast

Gutter Colour - Brown Down Pipe

Brown Down Pipe

Gutter Colour - Caramel FloPlast

Caramel FloPlast

Gutter Colour - Caramel Downpipe

Caramel Downpipe

Gutter Colour - Sand FloPlast

Sand FloPlast

Gutter Colour - Sand Downpipe

Sand Downpipe

Gutter Colour - White FloPlast

White FloPlast

Gutter Colour - White Downpipe

White Downpipe

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This high quality insulated weatherboard cladding system creates a unique finish to either new builds or home improvement projects. The Weatherboard cladding can be installed onto rendered or brick exteriors and can be used to cover the entire property to stunning effect.




By far the most common type of guttering used on houses, bungalows etc now is in PVC-u and once fitted correctly will require little or no maintenance at all, (unless fitted incorrectly or the seal has been broken on the joints).



Fascias & soffits

We start by removing the first row of tiles so to expose the felt line,In most cases the felt line has crumbled away due to exposure to daylight and UV rays. we cut back the decayed feltline to expose the rafter tales.



Metal Guttering

No matter which metal rainwater system you choose, all systems offer exceptional ‘life time’ value for money. Although metal systems will cost more initially, every metal guttering range will out last and out perform a PVCu product and in our view will, without doubt, look better too.



Gutter Vacuum & cleaning

The gutter company uses the all new ” SkyVac ” gutter cleaning system which is an innovative way of cleaning out Guttering from the “SAFETY”of the ground.

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