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Benefits of Weatherboard Cladding

Weatherboard cladding is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners across the UK, and with benefits like those listed below, we aren't surprised! Whether you want to make your mark and set your home apart from the rest, or you're looking for an insulation solution as the winter months approach, our weatherboard cladding is the ideal choice for you.

Interested in weatherboard cladding for your home? Contact our team of cladding specialists today!

The Gutter & Cladding Company - Cedral Weatherboard Cladding

The Gutter & Cladding Company - Benefits of Weatherboard Cladding

What are the benefits of weatherboard cladding?

Low maintenance

Weatherboard cladding is an extremely low maintenance option, offering a neat and clean appearance throughout all seasons and weathers with minimal effort on your part.


Thanks to the high-quality materials used to create weatherboard cladding, it is a very durable option and offers the ideal protection to the exterior of your home.


No one likes a cold house and with weatherboard cladding, you can say goodbye to chilly nights for good. During installation, we can give your cladding insulation benefits so your weatherboards will be an extra layer for your home - keeping the warm air in and cold air out!  


Weatherboard Cladding Benefits

Protects against all weather conditions

Weatherboard cladding, due to its extreme durability is a great option for those looking to protect their home from severe weather conditions. Unlike standard brickwork or rendering, the cladding is unlikely to become damaged or stained over time due to rain and other weather conditions.

Available in a range of colours

Our weatherboard cladding is available in a range of 21 colours and styles to allow you to make the right choice to suit your home and own individual style. If you've become tired of the exterior appearance of your home, adding weatherboard cladding will provide you with the perfect solution that adds a new lease of life to your property.

Contact our team today for more information about our high quality weatherboard cladding and how it could benefit you and your home!

Weatherboard Cladding Insulation

Marley Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colours

Cedral Weatherboard Cladding  Colour - White FCD333

C01 White

Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colour - White FCD333PG

C07 Cream

Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colour - Beige FCD333SAND

C02 Beige

Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colour - Grey FCD333CG

C05 Grey

Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colour - Grey Brown FCD333AB

C03 Grey Brown

Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colour - Grey Green FCD333MG

C06 Grey Green

Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colour - Blue Grey FCD333CLB

C10 Blue Grey

Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colour - Dark Grey FCD333SG

C15 Dark Grey

Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colour - Slate Grey FCD333SLG

C18 Dark Slate

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This high quality insulated weatherboard cladding system creates a unique finish to either new builds or home improvement projects. The Weatherboard cladding can be installed onto rendered or brick exteriors and can be used to cover the entire property to stunning effect.




By far the most common type of guttering used on houses, bungalows etc now is in PVC-u and once fitted correctly will require little or no maintenance at all, (unless fitted incorrectly or the seal has been broken on the joints).



Fascias & soffits

We start by removing the first row of tiles so to expose the felt line,In most cases the felt line has crumbled away due to exposure to daylight and UV rays. we cut back the decayed feltline to expose the rafter tales.



Metal Guttering

No matter which metal rainwater system you choose, all systems offer exceptional ‘life time’ value for money. Although metal systems will cost more initially, every metal guttering range will out last and out perform a PVCu product and in our view will, without doubt, look better too.



Gutter Vacuum & cleaning

The gutter company uses the all new ” SkyVac ” gutter cleaning system which is an innovative way of cleaning out Guttering from the “SAFETY”of the ground.

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