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Slash your Energy Bills with a Solar Panel System

As a leading solar panel installation company in the South, we offer you a way to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, reduce your carbon footprint, slash energy bills and gain greater independence from prices set by the National Grid.

With a range of solar panel options to choose from, we tailor our solar systems to each customer’s requirements, ensuring that your home harnesses the full potential of this incredible renewable energy source.

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The Gutter and Cladding Company is a family run business keeping your property dry, warm and stylish since 1997 where quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction come first. We are a team of home improvement experts to enhance the beauty, comfort and energy efficiency of your home. We have a range of our renowned services, Cladding, Guttering, Fascias, Soffits and proudly offering our new service of premium Windows and Doors installations. We look forward to helping you with your home improvements journey.


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Why Choose Our Solar Panels?

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Lower Energy Bills

Once installed, our solar panels can significantly lower your energy bills. By generating your own electricity, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and save money on your monthly energy costs.

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Reduced Carbon Footprint

We fit solar panels that provide a clean and renewable source of energy, meaning your home will have a reduced carbon footprint.

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Increase Resale Value

It’s been shown that homes fitted with solar panels are typically more attractive to buyers and can sell for a higher price compared to homes without them.

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Energy Independence

When installation is complete, you’ll be able to generate your own electricity and become less dependent on the grid. This can provide a sense of energy independence and security, as well as reducing your vulnerability to power outages and blackouts.

Your Power, Your Way

With our range of solar panels, you can choose what size and arrangement you would like, depending on how much power you want to generate. 

Individual residential solar powers can produce up to 400 W per hour!

We can advise on the best solar panel system for your home, depending on the energy you wish to generate. In general, a 1 – 2 bed house will require approximately 6 panels, whilst a 3-bed house will require approximately 10 panels. 

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Full Control Over Your Home’s Energy 

When our team of engineers have finished installing your solar panels, the panels will start generating electricity as soon as they are exposed to sunlight.  

This electricity can be used to power your home's appliances, electronics and lighting. Any excess electricity that your solar panels generate can be fed back into the grid, and you may receive credits or payments from your energy provider for the energy that you contribute. 

By generating your own electricity, you can reduce the amount of energy that you need to buy from your energy provider, which can significantly lower your energy bills. 

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Why Choose Us?

20 Years of Experience

Our team has 20 years of industry experience, and we are known for our knowledge, professionalism and efficiency. We endeavour to complete our solar panel fits outs in a way that causes minimal disruption to your property.

Honest & Transparent Values

Our family-run business keeps honest values at its core. We never overcharge our customers or price our work unfairly. The quotes we provide always offer customers the best possible value.

Certass Registered

We use Certass registered installers who fit solar panels in accordance with all current building regulations, keeping on top of industry standards.

Tailored Installation

We fit solar panels across a variety of residential and commercial properties, helping to reduce bills for homes and businesses alike.

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"The fitters worked from the time they arrived to the end of day and the workmanship was brilliant. They cleared up behind themselves and were very informative when asked questions. Great job! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to others looking for home improvement work."


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