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Protecting Your Eaves


The roof is the cap of your home. It keeps out the wind, the rain and the snow. It protects against damp and keeps heat in. The roof is like our bodies. You have the internal skeletal structure, which consists of wooden beams. Common terms you will hear are rafters, beams and eaves. On top of this you have your waterproof membrane known as felt and then tiles on top of that. 

The tiles help guide water away from the roof and into the gutters. The gutters continue the flow of water and drive it away from the roof. The most vulnerable part of your roof is the eaves. This is what the end of the rafters is known as. The eaves support the Fascias and Soffits which in turn support and hold the gutters. With the eaves being so close to the gutters it is vital that your fascias, soffits and gutter (FSG) health is at its best otherwise water ingress can happen and begin the process of damp into your roof which can result in your roof failing!

How can you protect your eaves?

1.    Clean your gutters

The simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your eaves is to clean and clear your gutters. Pulling out debris will result in better water flow and reduce the chances of standing water and overflowing. On every gutter clean at The Gutter & Cladding Company, we perform a gutter health check to aim to resolve most issues on site. 

2.    Gutter Repair

Missing a bit of gutter or can you spot a low hanging bracket? It is possible to replace or repair your gutters. The longer you leave damaged gutters, the chances of needing new ones is increased. With simple fixes it is possible to pro-long their life and protect your home. 

3.    Fascia Refurbishment

Fascia boards are connected directly to your eaves. Many properties still feature wooden fascia boards which, unless they have been professionally maintained, will deteriorate over time and cause water ingress. As they deteriorate so will your eaves. 

4.    Eaves Protection Boards

Eaves protection boards or felt support trays sit under your tiles, right on top of the gutter. They are designed to direct the water directly into the gutter instead of letting water roll under the tile and over the fascia board. Eave protection systems are installed on all fascia, soffit and gutter replacements. 

5.    Full Fascia, Soffit and Gutter Replacement

Whether it is for aesthetics, future proofing or your current roofline is too far gone, new fascias, soffits and gutters made of uPVC can be installed on to your eaves or be used to cap over. Installing new FSGs is the best way to protect your eaves as they have a greater longevity and water proofing. Whilst being replaced our teams will check your roof health and prevent or cure any issues. All FSG jobs feature an eaves protection system and soffit ventilation. 

Looking for a cost guide for brand new fascias, soffit and gutters? Click here to view our simple cost guide and to get a quote. 


Rafter: the wooden beams that form the shape of your roof.

Eaves: the end of your rafter which hangs over the exterior of your walls. 

Felt protection tray / Eave protection board: plastic sheet designed to guide water into the gutter.

FSG: shorthand for Fascias, Soffits and Gutters. Commonly known as the roofline.

Fascia: a flat board which covers the eaves/rafters. Made of wooden or UPVC (plastic) board. Sits behind the back of the gutters and protects the eaves.

Soffits: the underside of an eave. Made of Asbestos, wood or UPVC which extends from the building.