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Fascia Full Removal

Full removal of timber fascia and soffits is required on nearly all our installations due to the age of the original timbers, lack of maintenance and timber damage. Additionally, if the fascia and soffits have been capped over before in UPVC and not installed correctly, this allows the timbers to sweat and rot behind the UPVC and will therefore need removal. This will all be determined on a site inspection by our surveyor who has been in the industry 20+ years and will give you a free report with a written quote on the day.

If a full removal is required, our experienced fitters will start by removing the first row of tiles in order to expose the felt line. In most cases, the felt line has crumbled away due to exposure to daylight and UV rays. We then cut back the decayed feltline to expose the rafter tales. After the fascia is re fitted, we fit a rigid PVC under felt and over fascia eaves guard which sits snugly under the damaged felt line and once the guttering is fitted the guard will dress over and into the gutter.

We then remove the guttering and then take down the existing wooden fascia board and wooden soffit board

Once removed we will install new rafter / eaves ends to make sure that they are in good condition and that they are straight and true by using a string line and level, if need be we replace any decayed eave ends to asssure the new pvc board will have a good fixing.

We now fit your chosen style of soffit board, and depending on whether you chose a flat board soffit or a tongue and groove style soffit it will now fit upto our newly installed rafter/eaves ends, again making sure it is straight and true.

Affordable fascia, soffits & rainwater goods










The Gutter & Cladding Company - Fascia Removal

New Fascia Board

We now fit the new UPVC 19mm thick fascia board using 65mm stainless steel polytop nails. We then add an over fascia vent, this is a hidden linear vent which allows the loft space to breath and does away with ugly disc vents or vented soffit board which always looks dirty after a period of time.

We now fit the eaves guard/ felt replacement board, this will now ensure that any rain water is properly channelled away from your original felt that I cut back and ensures that it falls into your new guttering, and not going onto or behind your fascia boards.

Finally the guttering and down pipes are installed, using again a level and string line to make sure the rainwater is flowing towards the downpipes and is dispersing as quickly as possible.

We then fit the running outlet guard system to ensure all down pipes remain clean and free from debris.

Finally all new upvc is cleaned, and all rubbish is removed from the site.

Upon the completed installation of your new fascia board, we will issue you with our 20yr warranty, which will ensure that you get the best from your gutters and fascias for the duration of this time. We will return every 12 months after the installation at a time pre-booked with you to inspect the rainwater goods and give you a detailed report of any issues we find as part of our after care service. Generally, a quick clean out is required to keep your gutters flowing efficiently, which if required will be quoted for and can be done while we are on site with our Sky VAC.

Bargeboards and Boxends

Bargeboards are the timbers fitted to gable ended properties. More often than not they have soffit boards fitted underneath as well. The bargeboards come down to meet the fascia boards to which the guttering is attached to, and this area, where they meet is called the ‘box end’.

These box ends are an important visual element of your house and if fitted correctly will enhance the look of your property. We see many examples of poorly constructed box ends and you probably won’t have to look far to see one of these yourself.

So regardless as to whether it’s a cap over or full wood removal installation that we are carrying out we always make sure that special attention is paid to the box end detail and that they are fitted precisely and in one piece.

To us at the The Gutter and Cladding Company it is an important part in achieving customer satisfaction, therefore we want the finished look of the ‘box ends’ to aesthetically complement your house.

Reliable, affordable Fascia Full Removal from a local company you can trust. Contact us on 01202 470044 for a free quote.

The Gutter & Cladding Company - Bargeboards and Boxends

UPVC Product

The UPVC product which we use is Freefoam , we use them as apposed to anyone else (and we have tried most) as they offer great guarantees but more than that ,they have a dedicated page for freefoam registered installers, which we are one off, so you can look at our progress, and once your installation is complete we register your property with Freefoam, and they send out a transferable guarantee certificate for the products we have fitted. Below are the different types of guarantee offered by Freefoam that only registered installers can offer.

50 Year Lifetime Extended Guarantee

Freefoam offers an extended 50 year Lifetime transferable guarantee on all white profiles in addition to the standard 20 year guarantee. The extended guarantee is available on roofline, cladding and rainwater installation projects, where only the Freefoam brand is used and fitted, and registered online by a Freefoam Registered Installer.

20 Year Standard Guarantee

All white Freefoam products are automatically covered by its standard 20 year guarantee. Products are guaranteed not to warp, crack, discolour or blister and provide resistance to air pollution. This level of protection can simply be extended to the industry leading Lifetime Guarantee.


The Freefoam colour range of fascia, soffit, cladding and rainwater products is eligible for a 10 Year Guarantee unique in the roofline industry. Backed by Freefoam’s own innovative Colormax®.


The Freefoam woodgrain range of fascia, soffit and cladding is eligible for a 10 Year Guarantee. Manufactured with market leading Renolit EXOFOL MX foil with Solar Shield technology (SST) which offers built-in sun reflection that reduces heat absorption, thus minimising profile temperature and expansion.

Fully transferable

The Freefoam guarantee doesn’t end when a property changes hands. It can be transferred to the new owners and subsequent owners so they can continue to enjoy the same peace of mind. Some guarantees only cover domestic properties, but the Freefoam guarantee can also be used by landlords and specifiers from Local Authorities, Housing Associations and commercial projects.

Go to My Free Foam to find out more.

Fascia Colours

Fascia Colour - Black Ash Fascia

Black Ash Fascia

Fascia Colour - Black Ash Soffit Board

Black Ash Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Anthracite Grey Fascia

Anthracite Grey Fascia

Fascia Colour - Anthracite Grey Soffit Board

Anthracite Grey Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Dark Grey Fascia

Dark Grey Fascia

Fascia Colour - Dark Grey Soffit Board

Dark Grey Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Irish Oak Fascia

Irish Oak Fascia

Fascia Colour - Irish Oak Soffit Board

Irish Oak Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Leather Brown Fasica

Leather Brown Fasica

Fascia Colour - Leather Brown Soffit Board

Leather Brown Fasica

Fascia Colour - Light Oak Fasica

Light Oak Fasica

Fascia Colour - Light Oak Soffit Board

Light Oak Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Mahogany Fascia

Mahogany Fascia

Fascia Colour - Mahogany Soffit Board

Mahogany Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Pale Gold Fasica

Pale Gold Fasica

Fascia Colour - Pale Gold Sofit Board

Pale Gold Sofit Board

Fascia Colour - Black Fascia

Black Fascia

Fascia Colour - Black Soffit Board

Black Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Regal Blue Fascia

Regal Blue Fascia

Fascia Colour - Regal Blue Soffit Board

Regal Blue Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Rosewood Fascia

Rosewood Fascia

Fascia Colour - Rosewood Soffit Board

Rosewood Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Rustic Green Fascia

Rustic Green Fascia

Fascia Colour - Rustic Green Soffit Board

Rustic Green Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Sable Fascia

Sable Fascia

Fascia Colour - Sable Soffit Board

Sable Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - Storm Grey Fascia

Storm Grey Fascia

Fascia Colour - Storm Grey Soffit Board

Storm Grey Soffit Board

Fascia Colour - White Fascia

White Fascia

Fascia Colour - White Soffit Board

White Soffit Board

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This high quality insulated weatherboard cladding system creates a unique finish to either new builds or home improvement projects. The Weatherboard cladding can be installed onto rendered or brick exteriors and can be used to cover the entire property to stunning effect.




By far the most common type of guttering used on houses, bungalows etc now is in PVC-u and once fitted correctly will require little or no maintenance at all, (unless fitted incorrectly or the seal has been broken on the joints).



Fascias & soffits

We start by removing the first row of tiles so to expose the felt line,In most cases the felt line has crumbled away due to exposure to daylight and UV rays. we cut back the decayed feltline to expose the rafter tales.



Metal Guttering

No matter which metal rainwater system you choose, all systems offer exceptional ‘life time’ value for money. Although metal systems will cost more initially, every metal guttering range will out last and out perform a PVCu product and in our view will, without doubt, look better too.



Gutter Vacuum & cleaning

The gutter company uses the all new ” SkyVac ” gutter cleaning system which is an innovative way of cleaning out Guttering from the “SAFETY”of the ground.

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