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Professional Gutter Replacement in Poole

Thanks to our position as the leading gutter replacement company in Poole, the Gutter and Cladding Company are proud to offer all our customers a fast, reliable and affordable gutter replacement service.

Our team of professional gutter replacement experts are able to resolve any gutter leak or water flow issues you may have regardless of the style or make of the guttering. Aluminium, uPVC, cast iron - it doesn't make a difference, we can help!

We can survey your Poole guttering and instantly assess what is required to ensure a speedy replacement. Once the gutter is replaced, we carry out a water test to ensure we leave your property with a full functional and efficient drainage solution.

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Gutter Replacement Poole

Our Step-By-Step Gutter Replacement Process

1. Health & Safety Risk Assessment

Carried out to determine the likely hood of potential risk to your property and the public and preventative measures taken.

2. Removal of all Gutter Debris

Including Moss, Leaves, Sand and Silt or anything else to be found.

3. Gutter Efficiency Test

To ensure rain water flows away as it should and that neglected gutters, and the additional weight have not caused any bowing or distortion to the run of guttering.

4. Down Pipes Checked for Blockages

We will check your down pipes for blockages, and remove any debris where necessary.

5. Condition Report

Ensuring your gutter system is in the best condition possible, we’ll carry out a full inspection.

6. Your Poole Property Left as it was Found

Although gutter cleaning can be a messy task, we’ll ensure that no foul odours or sloppy sludge are left lingering on your doorstep.

Gutter Replacement Poole

Your No1 Poole Gutter Replacement Company!

Regular maintenance of your guttering is crucial in preventing the build up of dirt and grime which can cause significant water flow issues - your gutters can become completely blocked and this can cause water to overflow the guttering, potentially into the interior of your home causing significant damage.

As part of our service to you, our team will install a Hedgehog Gutter Guard - this fantastic tool helps to stop leaves and debris clogging up your guttering and prevents your downpipes from becoming blocked. They also mean we can guarantee your gutters for 10 years!

We can also add Hedgehog Gutter Guards to existing guttering once it has been cleaned and checked for leaks - just ask our team!

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Gutter replacement in Poole
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This high quality insulated weatherboard cladding system creates a unique finish to either new builds or home improvement projects. The Weatherboard cladding can be installed onto rendered or brick exteriors and can be used to cover the entire property to stunning effect.




By far the most common type of guttering used on houses, bungalows etc now is in PVC-u and once fitted correctly will require little or no maintenance at all, (unless fitted incorrectly or the seal has been broken on the joints).



Fascias & soffits

We start by removing the first row of tiles so to expose the felt line,In most cases the felt line has crumbled away due to exposure to daylight and UV rays. we cut back the decayed feltline to expose the rafter tales.



Metal Guttering

No matter which metal rainwater system you choose, all systems offer exceptional ‘life time’ value for money. Although metal systems will cost more initially, every metal guttering range will out last and out perform a PVCu product and in our view will, without doubt, look better too.



Gutter Vacuum & cleaning

The gutter company uses the all new ” SkyVac ” gutter cleaning system which is an innovative way of cleaning out Guttering from the “SAFETY”of the ground.

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