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Finlock Concrete Gutter Removal - Poole, Dorset

Throughout the 1950s – 1970s, Finlock concrete gutters were amazingly cost-effective.

Aging concrete gutters prove inefficient in the long term

Throughout the 1950s – 1970s, Finlock concrete gutters were amazingly cost-effective and, at the time, a maintenance-free way to provide homes with a durable drainage solution. The idea was that solid concrete gutters would negate a need for fascias, soffits and separate gutters, making them a very cheap solution. They also filled the cavity between the roof and the wall.

However, as with many cheap products, over the years concrete gutters have showed themselves to be inefficient, becoming the cause of many damp issues effecting both the exterior and interior of customers' homes. Nowadays, most homeowners have swapped these concrete gutters for more efficient, high-flow uPVC gutters.

Replacement of concrete guttering with new high-gloss gutters

This Poole homeowner decided to make the decision to protect their property by removing the now severely outdated concrete gutters from their home. Over the course of a week, our team safely cut away and removed the old Finlock concrete gutters, installed insulation to the cold bridge, and built custom-made fascias and soffits for the property. High gloss gutters were then installed to ensure that the customer's property would remain watertight for decades to come.

Does your property have outdated concrete gutters in need of replacement? Talk to our team about upgrading today!

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