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Does house cladding boost efficiency? 

Due to the high price of energy and a need to do our bit to help the environment, improving the energy efficiency of our homes has never been more important. Indeed, one of the questions we get asked the most here at The Gutter & Cladding Company is 'how can house cladding help boost energy efficiency?'

The answer is simple. House cladding provides an additional layer of protection to your walls, helping to block gaps where hot air can escape and cold air creeps in. This means that cladding not only improves the overall look of your home with its attractive design, but it also helps improve its energy efficiency too. What’s more, we can fit specialist insulation along with your house cladding that’s designed to work with the cladding to help keep your home at the perfect temperature.

If you’re interested in boosting the energy efficiency of your home, arrange your free home survey and quotation by calling 01202 470044 or completing and submitting our online contact form

Energy Efficient House Cladding

Protect your home with safe & affordable cladding

Bournemouth Cladding

Bournemouth Cladding

Bournemouth Cladding

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About our Cladding Insulation

At The Gutter & Cladding Company, we use YBS SuperQuilt insulation, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of multifoil insulation. As one of the best available on the market, YBS insultation has been independently tested and certified by leading industry standards, including the BBA and BDA and approved by LABC for Building Control, so you can rest assured your property is fully protected. 

YBS SuperQuilt insulation boasts highly reflective true aluminium outer layers which provides excellent thermal benefits, keeping rooms cosy and warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. It also has a dedicated vapour control membrane which helps reduce the risk of condensation developing in your home. 

So, to create a warmer, safer environment, choose to install our SuperQuilt insulation at the same time as your weatherboard house cladding. To learn more, contact The Gutter & Cladding Company today on 01202 470044


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Other Benefits of House Cladding

As well as forming an effective barrier that helps lower the energy your home consumes, weatherboard house cladding boasts many other benefits

  • Provides your home with an attractive and timeless finish
  • Choose from 20+ colours and a range of styles
  • Gorgeous real-wood effect that’s much easier to maintain
  • Resistant to fading, warping, pests and rot
  • Installed quickly and with minimal disruption 
  • Protects against all weather conditions 
  • Durable – its life expectancy is up to 50 years

To learn more about house cladding, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01202 470044 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. 

energy efficient house cladding

Cladding Visualiser

Click here for our Cladding Visualiser. Making it possible to view from a sample of projects and see what materials and colours look best for you.

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Marley Cedral Weatherboard Cladding Colours

Earth Tones

Forest Tones

Mineral Tones

Ocean Tones


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