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Will a blocked gutter damage my home?


When it comes to guttering, many homeowners share the same dangerous view of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. However, when it comes to your guttering systems, prevention really is the key to success and if you wish to keep your home looking great and remaining strong, keeping an eye on your guttering is the first step.

How can a blocked gutter damage my home?

Guttering systems serve one general purpose which is to capture rainfall and channel it away from the walls and foundations of your home. If left to its own devices due to blocked guttering, rain may find itself onto your external walls and cause severe issues.

Water damage and damp

Blocked guttering will cause rainwater to travel elsewhere when it runs off your roof; usually onto your exterior walls. Whilst your home may be durable, your walls are extremely susceptible to damp and once it’s in, it can be costly to get rid of.

Damaged fascias

Fascias and gutters work together as a team, however, when your guttering systems are in working order your fascias should not come into contact with water. When your gutter becomes blocked it is likely that they will overflow and cause your fascias to become submerged in rainwater. Wooden fascias will become damaged and potentially rotten in this case, causing a need for replacement.

Gutter damage

Whilst your guttering system is designed to carry rainwater, it is not intended to carry the weight of water as it sits in a blockage for long periods of time. In the event that a blocked gutter is left to carry excess rainwater, it is likely that it will weaken and break.

How can I prevent gutter blockages?

Our gutter cleaning experts are here to help! If you suspect a blockage in your guttering or would like a gutter inspection, contact our guttering experts today!

If you’re concerned that your guttering systems might be blocked and need a gutter repair or replacement service, or you’d like to prevent gutter blockages with our gutter vacuum and cleaning service, contact our team today!