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Why it’s important to clean gutters regularly


Looking after your guttering can help to reduce bad smells, water blockages and worse, as our gutter cleaning specialists explain the benefits of our maintenance service. Guttering protects your home's exterior and if left unmaintained, it can clog up and cause big problems.

Reasons to invest in regular gutter maintenance

Reduce blockages

Gutter blockages are common. Leaves can build up on your roof and clog up your gutters, making it harder for rainwater to flow. This can lead to unnecessary pressure on your gutters, and potential breakages. Regular maintenance can prevent all of this though, and keep your gutters healthy.

Improve the gutter’s lifespan

A gutter can last for decades, but as with any part of your house, it’s going to last longer if you take care of it. Regular cleaning can add years to the gutter, making it far more cost-effective as well as efficient.

Keep the house’s exterior fresher

A clogged gutter can lead to all sorts of problems, but even a dirty gutter isn’t pleasant. Moss can grow in your gutter if it’s not cleaned, and it’s best to avoid dirt and grime if you can. Regularly cleaning your gutter can keep the whole of your house’s exterior looking and smelling fresher for longer.

You may notice other issues

If you have other problems with your exterior, such as a cracked fascia, it can be hard to spot from ground level. Allowing a professional to look at your guttering regularly can be a godsend if you have any other problems that you’re not aware of: if the gutter needs cleaning anyway, it saves you some time for a pro to take a look up there.

If you need more advice or information about which guttering system is best for your home contact our expert team on 0808 169 1600.