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What are the benefits of house cladding?


An attractive and effective alternative to render, house cladding’s popularity has grown substantially over the last few years. With so many great benefits on offer, it’s not hard to see why. 

House cladding is easy to look after

One of the main reasons house cladding has become so popular is because it’s incredibly low maintenance. Its unique composition means that it will stay looking great and working effectively all by itself, with just a quick wash every now and then from you to remove the inevitable accumulation of dirt. You won’t even have to repaint! 

It has an expected lifetime of 50+ years

It seems not everything is built to last these days, but house cladding is certainly an exception. At The Gutter & Cladding Company, we supply and install Marley Cedral Lap and Click Cladding, a leading manufacturer of quality cladding, which boasts an impressive 50+ year lifetime. 

Timeless beauty and elegance

Of course, for many, the attraction of weatherboard house cladding is it is an effortless way to transform the outside of their home from ordinary and dull to beautiful and charming. And with a choice of 21 different colours, from a traditional cream white to a striking burnt red or slate grey, you can create the house of your dreams. 

Resistant to pests, warping and rot

Unlike old-fashioned wood cladding, weatherboard house cladding won’t harbour any nasty pests, warp in adverse weather conditions or become ugly and worn due to rot. Indeed, this modern cladding is made from a material that has all the attractiveness of real wood, without all the maintenance or problems associated with it. 

House cladding keeps your home nice and warm 

As well as providing effective protection to the outside of your home, weatherboard house cladding can also help improve the inside too. This is because it can be installed with a fire retardant, fully waterproof insultation membrane. This special insulation will help keep your home cosy and warm by stopping hot air escaping through gaps in the walls, great news for the environment and your energy bills! 

Convinced weatherboard house cladding is for you? Contact the friendly and experienced team at the Gutter & Cladding Company, the South’s leading installer of quality house cladding, to learn more. Simply fill out and submit our online contact form or call us on 01202 470044