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We are now a Cedral select installer!


We are pleased to announce that we are now a Cedral select installer - one of only three in the South!

Our recognition as a Cedral select installer distinguishes us as one of only three Cedral select installers in the South. This means that we have been recognised by Marley Eternit as providers of outstanding customer service and work standards. To become a Cedral select installer, our team have undergone extensive training and proven their ability to provide excellent service and deliver expert advice.

What is the Cedral select programme?

The Cedral select programme arose from Marley Eternit’s desire to see their products handled and installed in the proper fashion, in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce failure rates. It was noted that property owners would seek to use the most qualified builders and contractors to work on their home, so Marley Eternit sought to create a network of qualified Cedral select installers, that customers could look to and trust.

What does being a Cedral select installer mean?

Being a Cedral select installer means that, as a customer, you can have peace of mind that we have been trained to the highest level to install Cedral weatherboard cladding by the manufacturers themselves. We also had to demonstrate:

• Excellent workmanship.
• The ability to provide expert advice and guidance.
• The most professional conduct.
• Our prior installations of Marley Cedral cladding deemed to be correctly installed.

By employing us to undertake Marley Cedral weatherboard cladding work on your property, you can rest assured that the installation is being handled by members of a nationally recognised scheme. As one of only three Cedral select installers in the South, we have access to the latest advice and support on product development, regulations and codes of conduct.

If you are interested in our Marley Cedral weatherboard cladding services, the benefits of weatherboard cladding, or want to know more about what being a Cedral select installer means and why it's important, contact our expert team today!