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Signs of poor drainage


Ensuring that your drainage system is working efficiently is incredibly important and catching signs of poor drainage early on could save you from a potential catastrophe in the future. We’ve therefore compiled a list of some of the more obvious giveaways that you have drainage problems that need servicing.

Garden pools

You don’t want water to run off your garden and towards your foundations, and if water is pooling against your home or in the yard, it is one of the most obvious signs that your drainage system is inadequate and needs repair or replacement.

Overflowing gutters

If your gutters are unable to cope with rainwater anymore, it is evidence that your gutters are blocked with debris. This is made evident by brown stains on the housing paintwork, peeling paint and mud spattering on the siding. Chances are that all you need to do is clear out your gutters, but in the worst-case scenario, your gutters are incorrectly pitched and will need replacing. We provide an expert gutter and vacuum cleaning service to ensure that your gutters are entirely free of blockages and debris.

Bad downpipes

If your downpipes are too close to your home foundations, this can also lead to problems, so you should invest in a gutter extension to dump water further away from the house. This will prevent water ruining home foundations and running into the basement.

Basement water stains

Where the stains appear should indicate where your drainage problem lies. If the water stains appear high on the basement walls, then it is likely a result of an overflowing gutter or a case of high runoff too close to the foundations. If the stain extends in a line around the basement, then the problem is likely a result of a high water table, which causes damp and leaks when the soil around your basement becomes saturated and the pressure pushes the water up through the floor. Contact our drainage specialists for more information on our drainage systems, which will reduce the negative effects of excess water on your property. 

Whether it’s a blocked drain or you need an entirely new drainage system, our expert team are on hand to help at 0808 169 1600.