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Fascia and Soffits – what is the difference?


Funny sounding words aren’t they, fascias and soffits? In the Gutter & Cladding Company’s world these are two of the most spoken words but we often forget that not everyone is in the trade like we are and using these industry specific words can sometimes get confusing. So, in this blog, we break the words down and determine what fascias and soffits are used for and why they're so essential. 

What are fascias and soffits?

Before we determine what fascias and soffits are, we need to understand what we mean by the term roofline. The roofline of your home is the line that surrounds your roof, hence roofline, and consists of the fascia, soffit and gutter. You can replace all or certain aspects of your roofline, for example, you can have a full roofline replacement, or you can replace just your soffits. Because the term roofline isn’t terribly clear, members of the trade will break it down in to its parts, fascia, soffit and gutter, and shorten this to FSG. 

What is a fascia?

House fascias are made of 3 types material; wood, metal or uPVC. The fascia is connected directly to the eaves, facing vertically and holding the gutter in place.

What is the soffit?

Soffits sit under the overhang of the eaves and protects the rafters. Soffits are made of asbestos, wood or uPVC and they DO NOT hold the gutter. They may also feature a vent.

Why do I need fascias and soffits?

Fascia and soffits play a vital role in your roof’s health, especially in rainy England. They protect the eaves, keep out water, reduce damp, keep in heat and also protect your home from animal invasion!  Without them you would have a very wet and chilly home indeed. 

Why do I need to replace my fascia and soffits?

The most common reason people replace their fascia and soffits is because they have rotted and become ineffective. Fascia and soffits that are made of wood do not last forever and over time, water will find its way in, especially on unmaintained wood. uPVC versions are a vastly superior choice as they last longer, don’t rot and require very little maintenance. 

What is the cost of fascia and soffits replacement?

The Gutter & Cladding Company is one of the South’s leading fascia and soffit replacement companies and offer our expert services at highly competitive prices

  • White uPVC Fascias and Soffits - Detached homes from £2200
  • White uPVC Fascias and Soffits - Semi-Detached from £1360
  • White uPVC Fascias and Soffits - Terrace Homes From £990

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