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Do I need planning permission for weatherboard cladding?


In most cases, you will not require planning permission to install weatherboard cladding, however, there are certain situations that may lead you to seek advice first.

Alterations to the exterior of your property, for example, through the installation of weatherboard cladding, are usually considered an aesthetic change and do not require planning permission.

This is because, as a property owner, you have certain permitted development rights that allow you to carry out many building and repair works without seeking planning permission from your local authority.

Are there cases where I may require planning permission for weatherboard cladding?

Yes, there are certain scenarios where you may be required to get planning permission from your local authority before installing weatherboard cladding. This will usually be the case if you live in:

  • a National Pak
  • an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • a listed building
  • a Conservation Area

If your property falls under one of these categories, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your request to install weatherboard cladding will be rejected, it just means that you need to receive the correct permission before proceeding with your cladding project. If you don’t, you will probably be forced to undo any progress you have made by your local authority.

Building Regulations in relation to external cladding

If 25% of your property is re-clad, then Building Regulations will usually apply. As a potential fire hazard, new weatherboard cladding must meet necessary safety standards, as well as provide suitable thermal insulation.

Our Marley Cedral Lap and Marley Cedral Click Cladding are manufactured to British Standards and are well insulated as well as fire resistant and weatherproof, providing you with the perfect property exterior.

As Cedral Select Installers, we are fully qualified to advise you regarding all Marley Cedral Cladding products, as well as carry out a professional installation of weatherboard cladding for your property. Contact us today on 0808 169 1600 to discuss your requirements.