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Common problems with gutters & how to fix them


Are you having problems with your gutters? Ignoring the matter can lead to serious consequences for your home and health, including damp, mould and damaging the property’s structural integrity. So, to help you identify the problem so you can arrange appropriate repairs, our gutter experts have compiled the below list of common issues with gutters and how to fix them. 

Overflowing gutters 

The problem: Overflowing gutters are usually the result of a blockage in the gutter and/or downpipe which causes rainwater to back up and spill over the top. 

The solution: Check to see if the water is running in the right direction (towards an outlet) or if it’s collecting in a pool. If it’s not flowing correctly, your gutters will need realigning which involves the removal and reinstallation of the gutters at the correct incline. If the water is flowing as it should, the overflow is probably caused by a blockage which will need to be cleared as soon as possible. 

Sagging gutters

The problem: Typically, sagging gutters are caused by poor installation where the brackets that support the piping have been placed too far apart. Over time, debris builds up and can become so heavy, especially when wet or frozen, that it actually bends the gutter. This will cause water pooling and overflow. 

The solution: Ensure your gutters are installed correctly by a professional. Also ensure you clear and clean your gutters regularly, especially in autumn when the leaves fall from trees, to prevent the build up of heavy masses that can weaken the pipes. 

Leaking gutters

The problem: Leaking gutters differ from overflowing ones as the water loss is caused by a break in the piping, rather than because it has got blocked. Leaks can usually be found near a joint, outlet or end cap and can be identified as a drip and by unusual algae growth underneath the broken area on the pipe, wall or directly below on the ground. 

The solution: The best thing to do when your gutter is leaking is to replace the part that has the leak. This way you guarantee a solution that lasts. It is possible to repair guttering yourself by using a quality sealant, but the effectiveness of this will depend on the type of gutter. 

Gaps in the guttering

The problem: There is a visible gap between the guttering itself (often caused by changing temperatures warping the plastic), which is letting water spill out onto the ground below. 

The solution: To fix gaps between the guttering itself, you can install an expansion gap filler between the two affected pipes. As the problem is often caused by temperature changes, make sure to carry out the work when the temperature isn’t at an extreme. 

DIY gutter fixes not your thing? Call the Gutter & Cladding Company to do the hard work for you. We have over 20 years’ experience and are the leading gutter cleaning, repair and replacement specialists in Dorset and Hampshire. Simply call the team today on 01202 470044 or complete and submit our online contact form