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5 Ways to protect your home’s exterior


When it comes to your home's interior, general upkeep is simple - but what can you do to protect the exterior of your home? From cladding to guttering, there are a number of ways to keep your home looking great whilst being protected from the elements.

Clean out the gutters

Leaves, moss and other debris can collect in your gutters, and if they get blocked, it can cause bigger problems when it rains, like the gutter cracking under the pressure of water building. Cleaning out your gutters is a simple task that will keep your home's exterior healthier in the long run.

Inspect the roof

Roof damage is extremely common in houses, especially if the roof is old and hasn’t been maintained in a while. Missing or broken tiles can expose your house to moisture and draughts, so it’s a good idea to look from afar at whether there’s any noticeable damage on your roof before asking an expert out to repair it.

Maintain the cladding

As well as having an aesthetic benefit, cladding is there to protect the exterior of your home. Maintaining it is important, as any damage can lead to damp or rotting, so be sure to look out for any signs that it’s splitting or it’s been damaged, and have it regularly checked out by a professional.

Check window seals

Windows keep out the elements, but they’re still at risk of damp, just the same as any other part of the exterior. Checking the seals of your windows can be vital to avoiding mould: if you noticed that they’re blackening in any way, it may well be worth replacing the seal before it worsens.

Pressure wash the drive

It’s good to keep the exterior of your house clean for aesthetic benefits but getting rid of the dirt can help with cleanliness too. Pressure washing the driveway is a good way to remove the dirt and keep your paths clean, which should be done not just to keep up appearances, but to improve the smell and air quality outside the house.

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