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5 Signs your gutters might be blocked


Your gutters are a large source of protection for your home from damp weather conditions. In order to function as they should and keep your home safe and dry, your gutters must remain clean and clear of blockage.

To ensure that your guttering systems remain as efficient as the day they were installed, it is recommended that you have them professionally cleaned and maintained – however, there are a selection of symptoms that you can look out for yourself to check for gutter blockages.

1.Does it look blocked?

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people ignore pile-ups of leaves and other debris that could lead to a multitude of gutter problems or blockages. Without getting out a ladder try and look for obvious signs which can include:

  • Leaks forming around joints
  • Build up of debris on your tiles. If it is on your roof it has probably made its way to the gutter
  • Does water flow out of the downpipe freely
  • If you have gutter hedgehogs are they visible?

2.Is water overflowing from the gutter?

It may appear that your gutter is leaking at one point, however, it is also a possibility that water is simply overflowing due to a blockage further along the pipe. As the gutter fills up with anything bar water, the overall capacity of the gutter is significantly reduced. At this point it can only lap over the side or worse, weigh the gutter down. 

3.Do birds often land on your gutter?

As well as insects and other small creatures, birds that repeatedly land on your guttering could be a sign of blockage as it is likely the birds are creating a nest in the readily available source of nesting materials that are causing the gutter blockage!

4.Does your gutter appear to be sagging?

Even on the rainiest of days, your guttering should never sag. If you’ve noticed a dip or bend in your guttering, it is likely that there is a blockage that is adding extra weight and pressure on your gutters. The more weight in the gutter the more pressure the water will cause on the joints and brackets. This will result in the joint failing or worst case, the gutter coming free. 

5.Are there plants growing in your gutters?

You may have noticed small plants or grass growing from your gutters, if this is the case, it is likely that a layer of soil is causing a blockage in your guttering (and is forming an ideal growing environment for small plants!).

If you’re concerned that your guttering systems might be blocked and need a gutter repair or replacement service, or you’d like to prevent gutter blockages with our gutter vacuum and cleaning servicecontact our team today!