Is house cladding safe?

Our customers’ safety is our first priority which is why we use Marely Cedral cladding. This cladding brand has been specially developed and rigorously tested to ensure that it’s not only completely safe to install, but actually helps to increase the safety of your home. 

Fire Safety Rating of our Cedral House Cladding

One particular concern of our customers is how well house cladding deals with the spread of fire. You can rest assured that our Cedral cladding fully conforms to British building regulations with a fire resistance class of 0, which means this type of cladding actually offers an extra level of protection for walls as it helps stop fire spreading. 

Fire safety of house cladding

To learn more about the fire safety of our Cedral house cladding, please don’t hesitate to contact The Gutter & Cladding Company today on 01202 470044.

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Safety of house cladding

Guaranteed Safety with Cedral Cladding 

To give our customers added peace of mind, our Cedral cladding has been awarded a BBA Agrément Certificate (No. 06/4299). BBA is an independent rigorous certification, inspection and testing service that aims to ensure excellence in construction products and systems. 

As a recognised, world class authority throughout the construction industry, including with local authorities, industry insurers and building control, a BBA stamp of approval is a highly sought-after symbol of quality as it’s considered to be the best a product can get. As our Cedral house cladding has been awarded a BBA certificate, you can have the upmost confidence in the safety and quality the product.



Recognition by Checkatrade demonstrates workmanship and products of the highest standard, all fully vetted according to government legislation and current laws.

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House Cladding’s Environmental Impact

As awareness for the importance of reducing our impact on the environment has grown, the team at The Gutter & Cladding Company have strived to ensure all our products are sustainable and ‘green’. 

To help us achieve this, our house cladding has been inspected by BREs Green Guide, an extensive document providing guidance on how the construction industry can reduce their environmental impact. The Green Guide also provides assessments for products on how well they perform based on a number of different environmental elements. We are proud to say our Cedar house cladding has achieved a rating of A+, the highest grade available.

To learn more about our house cladding products, contact The Gutter & Cladding Company today online or by calling 01202 470044 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.  

safety & environmental impact of house cladding

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