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Why it’s important to clean your gutters regularly


Gutters are possibly the most important defence against water damaging your home and, when kept clean and clear, can prevent serious and costly issues with your roof, walls and foundations.

Why should I get my gutters cleaned?

Blocked gutters damage your home

It’s easy for your gutters to get clogged up with leaves, sticks and other debris, especially if you live near trees. When the water can’t be channelled away safely, it leads to a build-up which can run over into your roof and cause damage to your eaves, ceilings and walls. It can also begin to pool around the foundations of your house which can eventually cause serious structural damage, an expensive and time-consuming repair as well as a potentially dangerous situation.

Clean gutters protect the health of your family

As well as causing costly damage to your home, blocked gutters and downpipes are also a breeding ground for pest infestations and rodents. Perhaps more worryingly, blocked or damaged gutters is one of the main causes of damp penetration in your home. When an area is continually damp, dangerous mould tends to grow which can release toxic spores into the air and cause health complications for you and your family such as respiratory problems, allergies, asthma and can even affect the immune system. 

Professional gutter cleaners

A professional gutter cleaner will ensure all debris from the roof, gutters and downpipes is removed effectively and will also check the gutter for any signs of damage. If they do spot a problem, as an expert they can take early steps to repair it before the problem gets worse. Before hiring someone to clean your gutters, ensure they are fully insured and are aware of health and safety requirements. Our team of experts at the Gutter Company are fully insured and trained to offer professional gutter cleaning and maintenance to help ensure your home is protected. With extensive experience cleaning and repairing guttering of all materials, from uPVC to metal and cast iron, you can rest assured your gutter cleaning is in the best hands.

We are experienced and professional gutter cleaners offering our services Dorset and Hampshire. If you’re worried about the state of your gutters, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 0808 169 1600 and we’ll be happy to help.