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Which is better for my home: cast iron or steel guttering?


Cast iron and steel guttering have been the top choices for homeowners for centuries, but when deciding which material type to choose it can be tricky to know which is the better choice for you. Both gutter materials are long-lasting and durable against harsh weather conditions in rain and snow, although cast iron gutters on average last for 20 years longer than steel.

The two materials are eco-friendly and sustainable, both ideal for environmentally friendly families. We find that cast iron guttering is usually preferred for listed or older buildings, whereas steel guttering is more commonly found on more modern homes, but whichever material you are interested in our team of guttering experts are always on hand to provide you with an unbeatable installation service. For more information or to visit our showroom contact us on 0808 169 1600.

Cast iron guttering vs steel guttering

Cast iron guttering

Cast iron gutters have been a homeowner’s favourite since the Victorian era, due to their vintage and traditional appearance that suit nearly all homes in the UK. They can last for 40 to 50 years with minimal maintenance required, a great option for families that want a hassle-free guttering system for the upcoming years. Ideal for heritage or listed buildings, its durable nature has been a firm favourite throughout the centuries.

Steel guttering

Rainclear’s galvanized steel gutters are popular with modern homes as they have a stylish silver appearance that matches most property styles. Steel guttering is very cost-effective, as it’s stronger than PVCu products and resists thermal expansion or contraction in extreme temperatures. Eco-friendly it’s 100% recyclable, and the gutters are 20% deeper when compared to other guttering types, which will provide better water flow and prevent the risk of blockages.

If you need more advice or information about which guttering system is best for your home contact our expert team on 0808 169 1600.