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What are the benefits of PVCu Cladding?


When deliberating on making any big changes to the exterior of your property, one of the most important aspects to consider is the quality of material you will be using. PVCu cladding, known as Poly Vinyl Cladding, is a type of cladding that is popular due to its many benefits in exchange for its low-price tag and maintenance routine!

3 Benefits of PVCu cladding

Outstanding durability

The reason our cladding specialists are so proud of our PVCu cladding is because of its durability and how it can last for a minimum of 10 years! It stands strong against any weather conditions and will maintain its original shape and colour, keeping its high quality from day one, unlike wood and other materials that are commonly used to cover homes.

No painting required

As PVCu cladding is virtually fade resistant, you will not have to paint over your cladding boards in order to maintain their colour. Painting over materials that are built to withstand outside forces poses a threat of flaked paint and faded colour which could result in a reduced kerb appeal. PVCu cladding prevents this from ever happening due to its durability and fade-resistant surface.

The low maintenance option

PVCu cladding is a low maintenance alternative to other materials. However, in order to preserve the appearance of your cladding, a little TLC is necessary. Your PVCu cladding can be cleaned with water and mild soap or detergent, we recommend doing this a couple of times a year to maintain the quality and to prolong its life span.

If you are interested in installing PVCu cladding to your home, contact our team today.