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Rock Door – The only way to open it is with a key!


For many years we have been using GAP as one of our suppliers of choice for high-quality plastic products. When we found out they also offer high-quality doors via their sister company, Rock Door we had to look at them as an option!


So what is a Rock Door?

The name may makes you think it is a specialised door made of well, rock, but Rock Doors on the surface are your standard composite door. Same general look, texture fit and finish but is what is inside a Rock Door and what is made out that makes in unique.



Rock Doors feature some incredibly unique security features which are not featured on your standard composite door. Starting with their own S-Glaze technology, this strengthened glass is secured inside the door rather than being clipped it which prevents it from being pushed out. Next are there locking mechanisms. A Rock Door features more hooks, anti-slip lock and a bigger deadbolt. Lastly the keyway, Diamond secure, 3 star rated cylinder cannot be drilled or succumb to force attacks. The only way to open a Rock door is with a key!


Not only adding security, S-Glaze Also prevents drafts as well by sealing any possible opportunity for air to get through. The thicker sash which also helps with security provides excellent thermal properties taking this door to A rated status!


Colour & Design

Rock doors come in 14 different RAL colours with 100s of possible combinations for design, glass and door furniture taking the Rock Door from security staple to design icon!


Are you in need of a new door for you home? Why not go for the most secure door on the market, the Rock Door. Contact our surveyors to discuss your options. 01202 470044