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Is Cedral weatherboard cladding the right choice for me?


Cedral weatherboard cladding is an external cladding material that is made from a combination of synthetic fibres, water, sand, wood cellulose, and cement. 

It is constructed to withstand all weathers and rot, manufactured to be as hard as stone but light as wood. As well as remaining strong and durable against all weather conditions, Marley Cedral weatherboard cladding is also immune to damage caused by insects and pests - perfect for homes in the countryside.

Whether chosen as a protective shield against the elements, or for a fashionable cosmetic upgrade to your home, Marley Cedral weatherboard cladding is the ideal choice. With extensive lifespan and recyclable materials, this cladding choice is the number one choice for those hoping to keep environmental impact to a minimum.

Our cladding installation process ensures time efficiency as well as high-quality products with every installation. We recommend our Marley Cedral weatherboard cladding insulation to care for your Marley Cedral weatherboard cladding as the solution is waterproof and includes fire-retardant properties. This provides a weather-sealed protective solution that improves your home's carbon footprint.

Our cladding experts offer a selection of 21 colours from our Marley Cedral weatherboard cladding range that will suit a variety of home styles and exterior décor.

Benefits Of Cedral's Weatherboard Cladding:

  • No Rotting or Pest Problems
  • Fire Resistant
  • Protects Against All Weather
  • No Warping
  • Can Be Painted
  • Can be installed with Insulation benefits


If you are interested in our Marley Cedral weatherboard cladding services, the benefits of weatherboard cladding, or want to know more about what being a Cedral select installer means and why it's important, contact our expert team today!