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4 Questions you may have about cast iron gutters


Cast iron gutters are extremely strong, good for the environment and aesthetically pleasing. Our specialists talk through their benefits.

Cast iron is a material that isn’t often used in modern DIY and renovation, but when it comes to guttering, it can be a popular option. If you’ve ever had a question about cast iron guttering, read on to find out more.

Are cast iron gutters really heavy?

Perhaps as expected, cast iron gutters are heavier than their uPVC counterparts. But far from being a disadvantage, the heavier material actually means that these gutters are durable and long-lasting. These heavier gutters won’t pull at your fascia boards, and so long as they’re regularly maintained, they don’t pose any additional care.

Are cast iron gutters going to rust?

Gutters face a lot of moisture: it is their job after all! Despite this, you may have concerns that after a while, a cast iron gutter may be more likely to rust than a gutter made of uPVC. Iron gutters are able to stand up to a lot of moisture though, and so long as you check them regularly, they can last even longer than uPVC.  

Why should I pick cast iron gutters ahead of uPVC?

Cast iron gutters don’t just look great visually, but they can keep with your building’s character and heritage, in a way that a plastic gutter can’t. If maintained properly, there’s no reason that your cast iron gutters can’t last for fifty years. Cast iron can withstand the rigours of both the elements and vandalism.

Are cast iron gutters easy to repair?

Cast iron gutters are really easy to maintain and repair. At the Gutter and Cladding Company, we can service your gutters regularly to ensure that they stay in optimum condition for longer. If you’re thinking of the environment, cast iron is 100% recyclable should you wish to get new gutters later down the line.

If you need more advice or information about which guttering system is best for your home contact our expert team on 0808 169 1600.