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Cedral Weatherboard - South Coast

Recently, the team at the Gutter and Cladding Company were called upon to carry out a cladding job for one of our clients in our local area on the south coast.

As experts in dealing with cladding of all styles, shapes and sizes, we were more than up to the task and we’re now excited to share how we left the client extremely satisfied with our work.


The task

In order to carry out this task, there were a large number of steps that we needed to follow to ensure a safe, high quality, and effective cladding job.

The first step was to remove the downpipes and soil pipes from the outside of the property. This would give us unimpeded access to the wall we were tasked with working on.

After this, our team installed a top of the range waterproof breathable membrane, upgrading the building’s protection against water, fire, and UV.

After this, we moved on to the 38x50mm timber battens, which are pre-treated and load tested for thorough safety certification. The Gutter and Cladding Company team installed them efficiently and were quickly able to add additional covering with a strip membrane over the battens to protect against the weather and other external factors.

The next task was to install a perforated trim, which would provide adequate airflow and prevent against insects and vermin.

Finishing touches

Having completed the important interior work, the next step was to ensure that the exterior was looking good and up to scratch with the owner’s expectations.

This required some aluminium profiles, with a coloured Cedral Weatherboard providing the stylish and reliable finish. After reinstalling downpipes and soil pipes, the job was done.


The Gutter and Cladding Company are your local specialists

Our team were delighted to receive a very satisfied review from the client, showing us one of the best things about doing our job.

If you are looking for qualified, experienced and friendly gutter and cladding contractors, look no further than us – get in touch with our great team today, by calling 01202 470044.

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