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The importance of fascias and soffits


Roofs are often the most neglected and overlooked part of our homes, despite being essential in keeping us sheltered and dry. We highlight the importance of fascias and soffits and why it’s important that you keep them maintained.

The role of fascias and soffits


The fascia acts as a vertical barrier between the outside and the edge of your roof, meaning it bears the brunt of the elements and protects the roof and the interior of your home from weather damage. It is often found in the area where the gutter is attached to the roof, which means it may have to support several gallons of water per second during heavy rain whilst supporting a bottom row of tiles. Most modern homes have a fascia board, but some older homes lack this feature.

It is therefore extremely important to keep an eye on your fascias for signs of wear, as whilst fascia usually last for years, they do need replacing if the fascia board becomes ages or water damaged.


The soffit is the exposed section beneath the overhanging section of a roof. Without a soffit, when you looked up at your house, you would see exposed rafters instead, which is neither pretty nor efficient. If your rafters were exposed, they’d be likely to rot and threaten the stability of your roof, requiring a lot of extra financial support on your part.

Furthermore, soffits help to ventilate your attic as it usually has small holes to allow air to circulate. This is important in both summer and winter months, as air circulation keeps your attic from overheating in hot weather, but also prevents moisture build-up in the winter which could damage your rafters.

How to tell if your fascias and soffits need replacing

Look out for peeling or flaking paint, as this is proof that your fascias or soffits are failing to keep out moisture. Check for evidence of rot and damp, which needs to be stopped quickly before it can spread. Furthermore, signs of either insect or rodent infestations in your roof can be a sign that your fascia is rotting. If you notice any of these signs, there’s a good chance that your fascias or soffits need replacing and you need a specialist to come to check it out for you.

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