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Covid-19 safety on site


We are living in very uncertain times now and looking after our health is paramount. The Gutter and Cladding company are classed as part of the construction industry which has been encouraged by the government to go back to work. As a company we have decided this is the right decision to ensure our teams can work and provide for their families. As such we need to ensure their safety working on site and their health and yours with regards to Covid-19.


So how are we keeping you and us safe on site?


Social distance

Our teams work in pairs. One member of the team on the ground and the other member working at height. This helps keep our distance on site from one another. For your safety it is not required for our teams to interact with you as everything is dealt with via the office using phone and email.


When working on site our teams will wear heavy duty work gloves as this is the safest option for them. However, they will be carrying hospital grade gloves for additional precautions

Face masks

Our teams carry regulation dust masks which can reduce particles in and out of the airway. When working at height they may remove them to ensure they can stay audible and clear to the member of the team who is on the ground.  

Antibacterial wipes

Our contact with you and your personal belongings is extremely limited. In the event we need to enter your home our teams are carrying anti-bacterial wipes to cleanse surfaces after our visit.  

External power supplies

To reduce our carbon footprint, we do not use diesel generators. Due to this we will require external power, either an outdoor socket or power real. The team have their own power reels if you would prefer we did not use yours. In the event of us using yours we do have anti-bacterial wipes.

On site toilets

Working long days means we can sometimes get caught short. In this event the teams have self-contained toilets. For jobs which take longer we may require a porta loo. This will be discussed with you prior to any agreements being put in place.

As the guidelines change, we will ensure to do our best to adhere to them. If there are any precautions you would like us to take, providing we can still work safely, we are more than happy to look at all the options to help protect your health and ours.

Do you have a job booked with us in the near future and would like to discuss how we will work within the guidelines? Call us on 01202 470044

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