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Are your gutters performing poorly?


Why should I worry about having poorly performing gutters?

As the weather changes from Summer to Autumn and the sunny days we know turn to rain our gutters start to show how poorly they are performing. This could either be through being blocked from leaves or debris or damaged through bad weather or animals. No matter how they got there, poorly performing gutters can damage your home.

What are the main signs your gutters might be performing poorly?


Over full

One issue caused by having blocked and filled gutter is weight. Filled with leaves, sludge, bird droppings and other debris adds additional weight to the gutter which when filled with rainwater puts an additional strain on the gutter. Over time this will cause your gutter to sag and maybe even break free!

With your gutters being over full, water will begin to lap over the sides and soak the brick work. In time this can cause internal damp issues.

Leaks and cracks

Like everything gutters do have a shelf life and eventually they will need replacing. Providing they have been well maintained during their life they should last a fair while. Old gutters can become brittle and cracks can form. It is also possible for seals to start leaking.

Having gutters that have maximum efficiency will reduce damp and puddles of waters forming on your foundation.  If water begins to soak into your foundation, over time you will experience rising damp and mould and rectifying this can be quite difficult.

So how do you improve your gutters?

Keep them clean

Cleaning your gutters twice a year (after winter and after autumn) will help with maximising the flow of water, removing the additional weight and stain from your gutters and help prevent future damp issues.

If you don’t feel like tackling it yourself, we offer a competitive gutter cleaning service which comes with a health check of your gutters and report of what to do next.

Replace your old gutters

When cleaning your gutters, try and inspect them for cracks and leaks. Cracks will always get bigger and patching the cracks is only a short-term option. Rather than waiting till the cracks are too large, we recommend doing it sooner rather than later and carrying out a gutter only replacement.

Worried your gutters maybe be poorly performing? Contact our team to today to book in a survey and discuss your options. 01202 470044