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The advantages of metal guttering


When it comes to guttering, the materials used can vary from PVCu, various metals, concrete and even wood. We believe that metal guttering performs well and caters to all budgets and requirements.

Our team of guttering experts supply and install aluminium, steel and cast-iron gutters because we believe that metal is an excellent material to use in guttering. Not only is it exceptionally strong, it is long-lasting and looks great too, and each metal comes with its own set of specific benefits.

Steel guttering


Stainless steel guttersare the most affordable of the metal gutter options we offer for your roofline and is therefore wonderfully cost-effective early on.


Galvanised steel guttering Steel are stronger than PVCu products and offer a robust system.

Resists thermal effects

Rainclear galvanized steel guttering resists thermal expansion and contraction, which means that it remains unaffected from sudden fluctuations in temperature.

Great holding capacity

Our steel deep flow gutters are 20% deeper than other steel systems and provide better flow rates.


Steel has an excellent lifetime value, as it can be recycled.

Aluminium guttering


At 2-3mm wide, our extruded aluminium gutters are much wider than our steel guttering at 0.60mm and is, therefore, more robust.


Aluminium lends itself to fabrication, so is a great choice for more awkward sites.

Variety of styles

The SnapIT extruded aluminium range comes in half-round, vintage and moulded ogee and in 26 different colours and finishes.

25-year life expectancy

80% of UK aluminium gutters are made from recycled materials and it will generally last 25 years.


Cast aluminium gutters do not rust, instead, oxidisation forms a natural protective layer.

Cast iron guttering

Cast iron gutters have been a popular choice since the Victorian era. As such, they look right at home on older heritage and listed properties.

40-50 year life expectancy

When maintained properly, cast iron guttering can last up to 50 years, though some have lasted over 100!

Minimal maintenance

Cast iron guttering is a highly durable and requires little maintenance, making them a hassle-free option.


Cast iron gutters use less natural materials to make than alternative guttering options. Iron ash expelled through oxidisation is good for the environment and promotes plant growth.

If you need to remove concrete guttering first, we can do that for you too. To find out more about our metal guttering and how they can benefit your business or home, contact our expert team on 0808 169 1600.