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4 Questions you may have about cladding


Weatherboard cladding can look stylish and cover-up boring brickwork. However, there are also many practical benefits to investing in cladding; read on for some of our cladding experts’ answers to cladding FAQs.

Does cladding need a lot of maintenance?

Cladding is extremely low maintenance. A protective coating is essential for water and UV resistance, and our cladding is treated before it’s installed in order to protect it in advance. If you notice staining over the years, treat it as and when you see it to avoid any further damage.

What colours is cladding available in?

Cladding doesn’t just have to be white. We offer cladding in a variety of colours and shades, including forest tones, earth tones and even PVCu cladding covers, so whatever style you’re going for, we can provide cladding to complement your home.

How is cladding installed?

In order to install cladding, wrap needs to be attached to the wall. Horizontal cladding is then applied over the wall, sealed and preserved. We can even insulate your cladding to create a weather-sealed solution that will preserve energy and potentially save you money on your energy bills.

Is cladding fire-proof?

Fortunately, our cladding is completely fire retardant, as well as fully waterproof. The way that the cladding is treated means that it won’t catch alight and will not fuel a fire.

As Cedral Select Installers, we are fully qualified to advise you regarding all Marley Cedral Cladding products, as well as carry out a professional installation of weatherboard cladding for your property. Contact us today on 0808 169 1600 to discuss your requirements.